Posted on November 02, 2016 13:35

Soooo – what’s the winter forecast?

I guess when we hear things on the news about ‘our winter forecast coming up right after the break’ on newscasts we immediately wonder how much snow, rain, the temperatures, etc. – what will they be like? Will we have a warm winter like last year? Or will it be the ice, snow, sleet and cold that go with the upcoming months of Dec., January and February.
When I heard that question the other day it struck me that there might be some other questions to ask and ponder, i.e., like --- what’s the forecast over the next three months for my relationship with God!

We all know that the time of the year that is upcoming can be hectic – it comes – it goes – and people will say they are glad the holidays are over. And so at a very special time of the year, a time that looks at God coming into our lives we move about from here to there, buying, exchanging gifts. I guess that would be the forecast but does it have to be that way.

What if the forecast for the next couple of months were to read ‘we are connected!’ Yes, every one of us is connected to God as our Creator and Savior, a God who simply enters our lives! So when we see a person different than us what if we saw a person who is a child of God just like you and me, one who desires to be loved and forgiven as we do! We’re all connected! What if when we ate our food we were to understand that someone made this for us; that someone planted and plowed seeds and field so this food could be possible and that we are connected to them also? And that someone transported that food via some means of transportation. We’re all connected!

It is so easy to think we are independent. And yet what if when we used our gifts and talents that we have we understand that we have those because of God – that we live in poverty without Him; that we have what we have because of so many, past and present. We are all connected. And that others have gifts and talents just like you and me.
Every time we celebrate the gift of Eucharist in the upcoming months – we pray for those living, those present, those who have gone before us in death. We’re all connected.

So what’s the winter forecast in your life?

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