Posted on December 01, 2016 03:14

By Father Bob Kraig:     These times of the year are always challenging. Transitional weather! You can go out in the morning and it is 60 degrees outside and by the evening it is in the 30s and either raining, snowing or possibly sleet or whatever. You can wear a light jacket over a sweater to a restaurant and take your jacket off and because it is transitional weather you leave your jacket at the place where you ate.

A story is told of a boy who was waiting to see Santa. When his turn came to sit on Santa’s lap he proudly told Santa about ten things that he wanted. And then Santa popped the big question: ‘Well, have you been a good boy?’ The boy became quiet and just simply said: ‘Can we just settle for the bike!’

Interesting! The boy knew he had to let go of some things he wanted.
As we live in the transitional weather from fall to winter, winter to spring there are always changes. Certainly change is a part of our lives and to truly encounter God in all the transitional times of our lives from a mother seeing her child off to school for the first time, graduation, parents becoming empty nesters, realizing we can no longer do certain things we used to, realizing we are in the final quarter of our lives, becoming a single parent, etc., etc., etc – in all those transitional times the message is always am I willing to let go of something I believe is so essential in my life to finding more life and more abundant life in what God might be calling me to.

We can’t go back and change things in our lives – we can’t project what will happen in the future – all we can do is let go to the present moment. It is in that moment, in that Holy Ground that God speaks to us and calls us forth to further growth.

It is not a matter of sayings like: ‘when the going gets tough the tough get going’ and other similar slogans. Father it is finding God in everything we encounter, especially in the transitional times of our lives.

And now if I can only recover the jacket I left in a restaurant last winter.

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