Posted on August 31, 2016 13:08

By Father Bob Kraig The other day I was talking to a parent who had just taken their child back for their second year of college. The parent mentioned that last year brought tears when they left their son and this year reflection.

Obviously there are certain events that cause us to ponder, to reflect, to question, to wonder to think about the past, present and future. Taking your child to kindergarten, walking your daughter down the aisle, the aging process and all those life and death experiences we encounter as human beings fill up our lives. Hopefully we don’t get caught up in the quick pace of life that we fail to take advantage of these grace-filled and spirit-filled moments of life.

Time does march on as they say and moves quickly. Where did summer go? Soon we’ll see holiday decorations. We always hear people saying they are busy and that there just isn’t time to do everything.

As school begins for students of all ages let’s slow down – look at the blessings of life, see the promises of God that already have been fulfilled during our time on this earth. Ponder why we are on this earth – namely, to give God honor and glory and to bring others to the love, forgiveness and mercy of God in our lives.

Many of us have probably had teachers and/or mentors in our lives who have had a tremendous impact on our lives. Maybe we take time this week to remember them in prayer or perhaps even drop them a note if they are still living. The beauty of God (although present each and every second of our lives) will especially be present during the fall season and the changing of the leaves.

Students going back to school starts to bring the summer to an end; however, another phase of God’s beauty is about to unravel. Maybe, just maybe, the returning of students to school – even if we have anyone in that category – calls us to ponder; to ponder the past, the present, the future and to remember that we are always learning and growing in the knowledge of who God is in our lives.

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