Posted on October 05, 2016 13:00

By Father Bob Kraig     Thank you to so many for the gift of faith. While ultimately faith is a gift of God I am more and more convinced as I minister with people that we grow in our faith through so many faith-filled Christians.

It is easy to believe that faith is about memorizing and knowing facts and having answers through quoting Scripture or whatever. But faith is not about knowledge – it is growing in our relationship with Jesus Christ knowing and believing that He is with all days of our lives.

And so what are these first two paragraphs about? Simply this!

I have been with people who have had to help their loved ones pass over to eternal life ministering to them through their presence at Hospice or wherever and give them the greatest gift you can give another – to help them pass over knowing they are loved. It is a difficult journey for them and they still come to the Eucharist and our praying community for strength, God’s peace and presence. That inspires me to grow in my own faith.

There have been parents who have seen their children’s life taken for one reason or circumstance or another. In some cases more than one of their children. They could turn to bitterness, anger and those kind of things. But they continue to receive the Eucharist and be part of the praying community. That is faith! That inspires me to grow in my own faith.

In addition there have been those that woke up on a Monday morning and found out that their spouse had left and terminated the marriage. Continuing to believe in the power of the Eucharist and a praying community they remained close to the Eucharist. That inspires me to grow in my own faith. Couples who desired so much to have a family and for one reason or another were not able to have children – sure – they have disappointment – who wouldn’t – and they continue to receive and be part of a Eucharistic praying community. That inspires me to grow in my own faith.

People with addictions – they struggle – they seek help – and above all else they come to the realization that there is a need for the Eucharist and a praying community. That inspires me to grow in my own faith.

Our youth in our parish life-teen program. You see them in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament – they inspire me to grow in my faith as do so many senior adults who have seen so many changes in their lives, unable to do some of the things they used to do – and they continue to be part of a praying community with the Eucharist uppermost in their lives. They inspire me to grow in my own faith.

We grow in our faith through the witness of so many others. To all those who have helped me grow in my own faith – thank you!

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