Posted on October 26, 2016 11:15

The recent success of Cleveland Sports Teams have moved some people to jokingly say the following: The Cavaliers won the NBA championship, the Monsters won the American League Hockey championship, the Indians are in the world series and if the Browns win a game this year the end of the world will be upon us.

If you live in Cleveland and have grown up here you get the humor of the above. Our last championship previous to this year was in 1964. But the statement does tie in with some of the readings that will be occurring over the next few weeks as we come to the end of another liturgical year.

There’s a story told of a man who was asked how he would spend the last day of his life if he knew that it was in fact such a thing. He replied by saying he’d get up in the morning, say his prayers, have breakfast, go out and take a walk, visit his neighbors, have lunch, take a siesta, read the paper, have supper, watch the news, say his prayers again and then retire for the evening. When told that is how he spends every day he simply replied by asking why should he spend his final day any different than any other day in his life.

As we approach this time of the liturgical year it is good to ponder our lives. If God wants anything of us it is simply to be at peace with Him and His presence in our lives. God is not ‘up there!’ He is dwelling among and within us. As one of our psalms states: ‘if I should walk through the valley of darkness I fear no evil for you are with me always!’
Are we at peace with our God? Do we realize He created us in His image and likeness? Are we simply too busy doing our own thing that we don’t take time for God in our lives? Are we wrapped up in anger? Are there still things in my life I need to talk to someone about and have just been putting it off? When you come down to it we are either living heaven or we are living hell daily. The increasing anger among so many and our world could easily be something that makes us reflect on whether we contribute to that or make it a better world for all.

Who knows what will happen in the world series! Who knows if the Browns will win a game this year! We don’t control that. But we can decide if this were the last day of my life would I live it as any other day in my life – at peace with God and others – or would it be a day I’d be all uptight about.

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