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Pastor's reflection for weekend of April 21-22 (Jn. 10:11-18) There are a lot of things we reject and then realize we should not have done so. If you are like me I often don’t read directions to purchases and then wish I would have as I start to encounter some difficulties assembling whatever the product is. Sometimes people have shared with me that they tackled plumbing and then had a mess that required a plumber. And who among us rejected advice from our parents and now we know they were right.

We have a theme similar to the above throughout today’s readings. In the first readings from the Acts of the Apostles we read that ‘the stone rejected by the builders has become the cornerstone’ while our second readings from I John reminds us we are all children of God – little boys and little girls. Finally our Gospel shares how shepherds look after their sheep and that at their call sheep listen to the voice of the shepherd – although some would wander and reject the voice.

The fact that we are children of God is easy to forget. We probably don’t do that intentionally but so many voices vie for our time and attention. Constantly we see products advertised through television, social media, billboards, the radio, etc. At the time of Jesus two shepherds could be calling their sheep at once but the sheep, even amidst the confusing two voices, would always hear the voice of their shepherd and go to him.

And so our readings challenge us: We are all children of God – and the cornerstone of our lives is God. But do we fail to hear his gentle call, his gentle voice because we live amidst so many voices of greed, lust, self-gratification. God speaks to us in varied ways every day – many of which we will never know.

Bishop Perez, while administering the sacrament of Confirmation at our parish on Saturday, April 14, told the Confirmandi never to forget the many sacrifices their parents had made for them, many of which they will never know. And are we so absorbed in so many other voices of the world we fail to hear the voice of God and the many unidentified ways He speaks to us.

As an example we might reject a person or a group of people and God says: Wait! Did you not know I created all people equal. We might close our ears to people whose opinions are different than our and we look for people to believe what I believe in. And in that God says we’ve become closed minded. Or we might be restless over a relationship and in that restlessness God says it might be time for reconciliation.

Our readings today are not flashy or dialogical – But they speak to our hearts about the voices controlling our lives. And amidst all those voices one of them is the voice of God because He is always speaking to His children, His little boys and little girls in ways we might not even recognize. As His sons and daughters then our DNA is simply God’s call.

Father Bob Kraig

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