Posted on March 25, 2019 09:21

Dear SJN Parish Family,

Back in August 1992, our former pastor, Father Bob Kraig, hired me as a Pastoral Associate of St. John Neumann parish.  When I look back over these twenty-seven years, my heart overflows with gratitude!

It has been such a privilege for me to worship and minister with you and so many wonderful staff members over the years who have helped me grow as a person and as a minister!  I am in amazement at how God has worked through you, and so many who have come before us, in building up the community of St. John’s and the vibrant parish it is today!  To be a part of it all has been for me one of my greatest joys!  Your own witness of faith, your generosity, and your compassion have been a powerful sign of God’s love for me and for so many others both within and beyond our parish! 

Therefore, you can understand how difficult it has been for me, through much prayer and discernment, to decide to officially retire from St. John’s at the end of May this year, 2019.  It is time.  When I spoke with Father Barry about my decision, he was most understanding and supportive.  I am grateful to Father Barry, and our entire parish staff who have been a source of encouragement as well.

I ask for your prayers during this period of transition and after my retirement, as I will be taking some “renewal time” to listen and be open to how and where God may be calling me.  For now, I will continue to live in the area and will look forward to the times I can join you at mass and perhaps other parish events. 

My heartfelt prayers & thanks to YOU, dear parish family, for your support and love throughout these many years.  I will miss you and will savor so many precious memories (among which my Golden Jubilee celebration comes to mind)!   St. John Neumann will always have a special place in my heart and in my prayers!

Many blessings of peace and love to you!

Sister Pat

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