Posted on May 12, 2019 00:15

Greetings, “The shepherd is everything to his flock; their life, their sustenance, and their care is entirely in his hands, and if the shepherd is good, they will have nothing to fear under his protection, and they will want for nothing.” —Father Gabriel of Saint Mary Magdalen Father Gabriel who died in 1952 was a Belgian Carmelite priest, teacher and spiritual director. It’s safe to say that he really knows his stuff! The image of the Good Shepherd ought to be for us one of great comfort. It metaphorically illustrates for us the desire our Savior has for us. He wants nothing more than to keep us close to him. The struggle lies in giving him permission to lead us and to provide for us. Oftentimes worldly desires and temptations take the place of the shepherd within our hearts. We struggle to find happiness and fulfillment in these temporary passing things. Yet our shepherd promises to give us everything we need, including eternal happiness and life! This weekend our Good Shepherd claims us as his own. He holds us in his hands and has no desire to let us go. No one can take us from his hands except we ourselves! St. Gregory echoes this sentiment when he prays, “How could I not love you, who has loved me so much…so as to lay down your life for the sheep whose shepherd you are? There can be no greater love than this, to lay down your life for my salvation.” God Bless, Fr Barry

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