Posted on May 26, 2019 00:15

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.” In spite of our sinfulness, in spite of the many times we may turn away from him, Jesus wants to give us his peace. He wants to comfort us and to reconcile us to himself.
Saint Theresa of the Child of Jesus knew this well when she said, “Although I should have on my soul all the crimes that could be committed, I would lose none of my confidence; rather, I would hasten, with my heart broken into pieces by sorrow, to cast myself into the arms of my Savior…No one could make me afraid, because I know to whom to cling by reason of his love and his mercy. I know that all this multitude of offenses would disappear in the twinkling of an eye, as a drop of water cast into a burning furnace.”
Assuredly our desire for peace and comfort are connected intimately to the spiritual life. What are the two biggest
obstacles to peace in our time? (In my humble opinion!) they are fear and doubt. Fear that we might be judged by our Lord in the same way we are judged in the world by Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Do not be afraid of what the world perceives as unforgivable, but trust that a truly humble and contrite heart is NEVER spurned by Jesus.
What about doubt? Oftentimes we doubt our Lord’s love and mercy are for us. It’s reserved only for those other
really “holy” people! Not true. The further we stray, the more persistent is our Good Shepherd’s pursuit of us!  Therefore, be at peace! And know of our Lord’s great love for you!
God Bless, Fr. Barry 

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