Posted on July 06, 2016 06:00

By Father Bob Kraig      Robert Wicks, a Christian psychologist and spiritual writer, tells a story in one of his books entitled: ‘Crossing the Desert.’ The story he relates is about the Bantu tribesmen that describes how they creep quietly into the rooms of their children when they are asleep and softly whisper in their ears: ‘Become what you are!’
Having just celebrated July 4 where we recalled 240 years of freedom and as a country and individual we need to ask a challenging question: ‘Are we truly free?’

Let’s not glance over that question: ‘Are we truly free?’

The question is essential when we often feel we have to rush out and get the latest whatever because it was advertised on television or social media and our lives will be incomplete without it. It is necessary to ask when we see so many people bound up {can we even say paralyzed} because they are wrapped up in a non-forgiving heart. Are we free when we see someone with something that we have to buy so that we will be like them? Or are we free when we face decisions in life and believe our wisdom, our way of doing things is stronger that going to God in prayer!

The bottom line is that we all have a hunger for God; we all desire peace in our lives; we all know there really is a power stronger than ourselves; we all know we have hurts from the past that we can’t let go of; and down deep we all know what St. Augustine said is true: ‘Our hearts our restless, O God, until they rest in you!’

Maybe, perhaps, we are not free because we are haunted by a past that we believe is too large for God to forgive.
Yes, we celebrated 240 years of our country’s freedom; however, there is the compelling question if I am free when we continue to harbor grudges, bear hurts from the past and allow others and marketing to run our lives.

Want to be free? Be in communion with God, the God who created you, the God who values your life no matter what the past is; a God whose child you are; the God you can always approach to ask for forgiveness. Break down the walls that prevent you from seeing God on the other side. It is easy to think you have to somehow find God to be free but why not just let him seize you as you are, his beloved son and daughter!

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