Posted on July 13, 2016 20:17

By Father Bob Kraig     Last week I happened to be wandering through a local department store. I knew it would soon be happening but it was just after July 4 so I wasn’t expecting it quite yet. However, as I walked down the aisle, there it was – back to school supplies.

I immediately reflected back to what my mom used to always say and that was that when the Fourth of July came summer was over. She may have been more of a theologian than what she ever thought.

Driving back home I wondered why we are often told to embrace the present moment, live dad by day, take a step at a time, be thankful for the moment – all those sayings we have heard throughout our lives. And the reason I was thinking of that was because we can never do it – we are always told to live in the future – ‘back to school supplies!’

After that, Halloween cards will come out for October 31; labor day will see stores begin to be decorated for Christmas; the day after (Dec. 26) Valentine cards appear, then St. Patrick Day Cards, Easter Cards, etc., etc.

We all know and are aware that we need preparation – we as Christians always need to prepare for the coming of God into our lives at Christmas His second coming when we meet Him face to face. However, it seems to me that marketing never really wants us to enjoy the present moment – just what we have – our blessings – the people that are a part of our lives. There is always the need being presented to us that we have to live in the future and get this, that and the other thing.

It is a real tight rope and fine line that we as Christians are called to walk. Opening our eyes and ears, our hearts and our minds to where God wants me right in the present moment and preparing for our own needs, our family’s and others.’

I’m not sure what the answer is other than our eyes and hearts have to be grounded and rooted in prayer and in the life of Jesus. His life is often one interruption after another and yet He was always willing to be in the present and open to the needs of others. May our lives be rooted in His Father’s love and forgiveness – right here, right now – living and sharing the blessings of God in the present moment.

We often hear the term ‘Christmas in July!’ So maybe I’d better go and start my Christmas shopping list!

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