Posted on July 20, 2016 08:00

By Fr. Bob Kraig     This past weekend gave me an opportunity to reflect on the great gift of life. Our parish celebrated the 100th birthday of one of our parishioners, Rosetta. Rosetta, is a weekly participant at our weekend celebration of the Eucharist as well as often throughout the week at our 9:00am mass. She sells raffle tickets for us after mass for our car raffle at the August picnic and is an active participant in our Neumann Senior Adults.

I often kid around with her telling her that people like her mess up the entire social security system or that perhaps her friends in heaven are wondering if she ever made it. She always has a comeback to put me in my place and we always share a lot of laughs together.

When you consider the times we live in where life seems to be so fragile, where people are faced with now almost weekly encounters with terrorism and other such events, celebrating 100 years of life makes you reflect on this gift of life.

Why am I blest to be given this gift? Do I realize I was given the gift of life so that not only I but others would reach their fullest potential to love God and others? In our society in seems like we were given life to get what we can get out of it rather than to realize that we were given family, friends and others to help them reach their fullest potential to love God and others and they, too, are to help us reach that potential.
Why do some have a short amount of time on this earth? Why do others have a longer time? Why was I blest with a great family, extended family while others I’ve worked with in my priesthood suffered a great deal from abuse, addictions and other such things?

There are so many questions about life to ponder. I wish I had some of the answers but it is probably good I don’t. Questions like those above draw me closer to God – I don’t understand His plan sometimes, I don’t ‘get’ what life is often about but somehow, someway I know and believe there is a God who is in control of my life. For the Christian that is all we need to know.

May we humbly thank God for the gift of life – may we thank God for those He has put into our lives – may we thank God for His blessings – may we share that life with others – and above all may we thank God for the gift of His son, Jesus. Praise God!

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