Marriage Enrichment

For Catholics,marriage is more than a simple contract between a husband and a wife. The Sacrament of Marriage is an intimate and exclusive partnership of a baptized man and a baptized woman permanently united by their total, unconditional, reciprocal, self-giving love. Since marriage is a Sacrament Jesus is present to the married couple each day of their married life to support them in their life together.

In order to help married couples live out their marriage vows more profoundly and recognize the presence of Jesus in their married life, St. John Neumann Parish offers a number of Marriage Enrichment programs in which couples can come and reflect on the joys and challenges of married life and deepen their relationship to each other and to Jesus Christ. These programs consist of guest speakers, video presentations, morning or evenings of reflection and a Mass for Married Couples that is held in May of each year. Contact Deacon Ken 440-238-1770 for more information on upcoming marriage programs.