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What is Alpha?

ALPHA is a series of interactive sessions that explores the basics of the Christian faith in a friendly, honest and informal environment.  It is a place where questions can be explored freely without judgment or pressure.  

Each session consists of a MEAL, a TALK (live or by DVD), and SMALL GROUP DISCUSSION. 

No pressure, no follow up!  Free will offering accepted.



Who is Alpha for?

ALPHA is for ANYONE from young adults to seniors who want to renew their faith. It has spread throughout the world as a response to those who have no church affiliation, those who wish to reconnect with the Church, and those who want to renew and deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.


When will Alpha be offered at St. John Neumann?

The ALPHA Series will be offered periodically at St John Neumann Church; watch for information in the Bulletin.



Learn More About Alpha

Watch the Sunday Bulletin for more details and spread the word to family and friends.